In the Far Southern wilderness of Tasmania you will find Touchwood Farm.


We are David and Sonia and live on our own  slice of heaven in Southern Tasmania. Surrounded by wilderness we tend a small herd of 40 dairy goats and run a micro goat dairy. Being a small family run farm, we keep things simple, organic, convenient and humane. Our goats are our life, their wellbeing is our number one priority.


We practice "Share Milking" and only milk our does once a day so that their bodies are not pushed to perform and all of our goat kids get to spend their lives with their mothers and extended families. Our does get to live long healthy lives with their families and retire on the farm. Our kids either grow up to be future Touchwood Milkers or join other small farms as household milkers or pets.

Our herd consists of large milk producing

dairy goats such as Saanen, high cream

producing dairy goats such as Anglo Nubians

and also the amazing milking LaManchas,

the first of their kind in Tasmania.

Our farm gate is open every Thursday, Friday and Sunday to visit the goats, talk about goat husbandry and the importance of ethical small scale farming,

and purchase their products at farm gate prices.

See our herd on YouTube

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