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The Real Dairy Alternative to Ice Cream

Frozen Desserts

Goat Milk is the natural alternative for those of us sensitive to lactose.

Humans and goats have evolved together for thousands of years, we have relied on their amazing milk through some of the toughest times in human history.

Goat milk is naturally easier to digest, lower in lactose, cholesterol and fat,

and much more ethical to produce when farmed using Permaculture and Earth-Kind farming.


Made freshly each day with that mornings milk with extra goat cream

and some delicious, truly Tasmanian ingredients.

Made with fresh milk and cream, no powders, no vegetable oils,

palm oil free, egg free and gluten free.

Truly Paddock To Plate

Available from Salamanca Market, Hobart, each Saturday and

directly from our Farm Gate, Strathblane, Tasmania, each Sunday.

Now available at selected retail outlets.

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla is the iconic flavour for any dessert, ours is made with real vanilla bean extract and showcases the mild creamy taste of LaMancha Goat Milk.

Try it with a drizzle of Cajeta, Goat Milk Caramel.


Rich Chocolate

Chocolate without artificial flavourings but with real rich Couverture Chocolate melted and whipped

into our creamy smooth base.

Simply to die for!


Espresso Coffee

With a double shot of Tasmanian Roasted Coffee from the amazing team at Cheeky Devil Roasters, this smooth creamy delight will pick up your mood and lighten your spirits.

Contains caffeine, for the serious coffee lovers.



Filled with Tasmanian grown Blueberries, sweet as can be.

Add the beneficial antioxidants from the Blueberries to our already amazing Goat Milk. Wow, what a powerhouse!


Cajeta Choc Chip

Our own Goat Milk Caramel shines as the star

in this delicious concoction.

Cajeta Caramel is traditional caramelised goat milk that has a depth of flavour that you just must experience for yourselves.

side view of scoops of chocolate, vanilla, caramel and blueberry ice cream on a wooden ser

Get in Touch

Our Goat Milk Frozen Desserts are now available in 120ml single serves and 500ml Family Tubs from selected retail outlets.

Would you like to know about our wholesale opportunities?

Email us today:-

side view of scoops of chocolate, vanilla, caramel and blueberry ice cream on a wooden ser
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