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LaMancha Dairy Goats

Home to Tasmania's first

LaMancha Dairy Goats


Originally from Spain and bred in the USA since the 1920's.

These are USA's number one dairy breed. Now here in Tasmania.

Quiet and docile but highly intellegent, these goats are easy going and very easy to train. Distinct with their tiny ears and multi colours they are very hardy, ideal for the changing Tasmanian climate.


Renown for keeping their condition AND milk quantity

whilst feeding on rough pasture.

Magical Milkers

Averaging 3-5 litres a day, with an extra long lactation cycle and the ability to milk over several years without re-kidding.

Milk Taste - Mild, Jersey like.

Butterfat - 3.8 - 6%

Breed Standard


GENERAL APPEARANCE: Moderate size dairy type showing no tendency to coarseness. Harmoniously blended showing femininity in does, masculinity in bucks.

HEAD (skull, eyes, ears, mouth, nostrils):

Head elegant, of medium length. Facial line straight. Polled or disbudded. Eyes set broadly apart, large and bright. Ears are the distinctive feature of the breed, a) over b).
    a) The “gopher ear” is described as follows: maximum length of one inch (2.5 cm), but preferably non-existent and with very little or no cartilage. The end of the ear must be turned up or down. This is the only type of ear that will make bucks eligible for registration.
     b) The “elf ear” is described as follows: maximum length of two inches (5.0 cm) is allowed, the end of the ear must be turned up or turned down and cartilage shaping the small ear is allowed.
The ear is to be measured with a rigid measure placed firmly against the head at the base of the ear that is neither pulled nor stretched. Natural folds and creases of the ear are to be unaltered during measurement.

UDDER: High wide attachment at rear and well forward in front without pocket. Not pendulous or unduly divided. Soft textured and showing good capacity.

TEATS: Touchwood Farm breed for extra high udders to avoid damage by brush grazing. With slightly longer than average teat length for ease of hand milking.

SIZE: Does minimum height (28 in./71 cm) – Mature Bucks Minimum height (30 in./76 cm). Height to be measured at 4 years.

COAT: Short, fine and glossy. Bucks may have a longer coat.

COLOUR: Any colour or combination of colours is acceptable with no preferences.

Contact us for sales of this amazing homestead milking breed.
All 2023 stock are now sold but you can contact us to be added to our waiting list.

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