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Touchwood Goat Dairy

The most southern dairy in Australia. Home to Tasmania's first LaMancha Dairy Goat Herd.

These magical milkers are in a class of their own. An amazingly valuable addition to every Homestead.

Ethically Managed

Our goat herd is our family. Mothers raise their own kids, never stressed by over production

and get to retire on the farm. This is, in our opinion, the only way forward for dairy farms. Sharing the burden between humans and livestock equally and sustainably to feed our people and look after the Earth, for the future.

Earth-Kind Farming

Using permaculture principle, our goats selectively browse over 30 acres in the

Far Southern Wilderness of Tasmania. With Mother Nature at the helm, doing work to sustain Her and all her children, human, goat, wallaby, possum, wren, and worm-kind.

Tasmanian Hand Crafted

With milk from our happy goats, pure local ingredients and hand made here on the farm.

Our products are a unique Tasmanian luxury.

Made in small controlled batches and sold directly to the public, keeping your money local in your community.

Our on farm commercial kitchen and creamery is built to the highest Australian standards and then some.

Just meters away from our dairy, it ensures our dairy foods are just moments away from their freshest forms.

Our products are made weekly from that days milk, from our goats who are always in the best of health,

happy and content.


Our farm gate is open in the Spring, Summer and Autumn months, every Friday and Sunday.

Come say Hi to the team and check out our products!

Meet The Team

Jon Snow

Lord of the Night Watch and Protector of Goats.

Jon Snow has a heart

as big as his voice.



Owner and Farm Manager.

Head of our Dairy Kitchen.

The Organiser, The Fixer and

The Go-To Man.



Owner and Dairy Manager.

Head of our Soap Kitchen.

The Creativity Behind the Farm and

Goat Whisperer.



Saanen, Nubian Cross.

Faithful without Fault.

Producer of milk and breaker of hearts.



LaMancha Doe Extraordinaire.

The brains behind every open gate.

Secret Master of the Herd.

Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

Touchwood Farm Feb 2021-0170.jpg


The Darling of the Farm.

The Show Stopper.

What this LaMancha doe cant do, isn't worth doing.



Herd Manager.

Faith is a Saanen and our herd queen. She is one of our highest producers and she knows she deserves the rights of Queen.

Touchwood Farm Feb 2021-0219.jpg


Saanen, Nubian Cross

With the milk quantity of her Saanen Mother and the high butterfat of her Anglo Nubian Father, Nula is the best of both worlds.




Leader of spring time breeding.

Our Main LaMancha Buck.

Our Gentle Giant.

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