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A unique adventure, everytime you bathe. Scented with smokey cedarwood and star anise, every soap has the tribute of a flame inside, crafted with the help of activated charcoal. Evocotive of our early existance and the human journey with fire.


Our goat milk soap is made from local herbs, beeswax, honey, Tasmanian olive oil, coconut oil and the fresh raw milk of our own happy goats here at Touchwood Farm.

They nourish your skin with a bubbly soft lather full of alpha hydroxy acids not man made chemicals, natural vitamins not petroleum products, natural fatty reams without palm oil, and plant and animal minerals not esters or SLS.

Ingredients- Olive oil, coconut oil, fresh goat milk lye, bees wax with herbs, essential oils, fragrance, mica, clays and charcoals as stated on soap types.

Goat Milk Soap - Bonfire

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