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Farm Creamery

Our on farm commercial kitchen and creamery is built to the highest Australian standards and then some.

Just meters away from our dairy, it ensures our dairy foods are just moments away from their freshest forms.

Our products are made weekly from that days milk, from our goats who are always in the best of health, happy and content.



Cajeta is a Mexican styled caramel made exclusively from goats milk. It’s high in minerals so gives a unique Unami flavour profile to the deliciously sweet vanilla caramel base.


Wonderful on ice cream, pancakes or waffles.


Small 110ml or Large 190ml Jar

Ice Cream

Goat Ice Cream is our new interpretation on everyone's favorite.


Yoghurt Ice Cream is a smooth refreshing alternative to traditional ice cream. With less fat, gluten free, egg free and suitable for most people who are lactose intollerant.


Personally selected seasonal flavours gently frozen into this delicious goaty delight. Only available at Salamanca Market each Saturday and our Farm Gate at Strathblane, Tasmania.


"Truely an exclusinve Tasmanian experience. You won't believe it until you try it."


This is a delight that even the fussiest will fall for!


Cajeta Fudge

Salted Goat Milk Caramel with White Chocolate or Dark Choc Whiskey.

We challenge you to try this fudge, the creamiest, smoothest fudge you will ever experience.

Marinated Goat Cheese

Goat Cheese marinated right here in the Far South of Tasmania using unique Tasmanian flavours. These marinated goats cheeses are sold exclusively at our Farm Gate and Salamanca Market so may be once in a life taste experience.

Some of our seasonal variations include earthy rich Tasmanian Back Truffle. Pungent Garlic, Basil and Chilli. Or a taste of the Tasmanian Wilderness with Leatherwood Honey and Pepper Berry.

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